I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks 2 days

I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks 2 days of my pregnancy. I was prepared for terrible experience, but also felt, that this is my body, my uterus and my gestational sack and I want to deal with it myself, absolutely not with the help of any surgical intervention. I got the first pill, after which the foetus should have stopped developing and after 24 hours started sharp pain, and after 30 hours bleeding.
I felt great sadness and relief, that the medication was working.
The second dose was much worse. I didn't get any painkillers from the doctor so I decided to take 800 mg of ibuprofen myself. Only 20 minutes after ingesting I got chills and very strong contractions, I was just sitting and trying to stay alive. I was in such a pain, that I wasn't even able to pee, I couldn't relax my pelvic muscles. I was prepared, that the whole process should take no more than 12 hours, oh boy, I was wrong. The bleeding, which starts after the first dose stopped after taking the second one. I had really really strong pain, I took 2800 mg of ibuprofen the first day, just to lower the pain a little. After 28 hours of taking Misoprostol bleeding started again, nothing heavy. Pain was tolerable just with 1200 mg of ibuprofen per day.

I thought, that the worse part had to be definitely behind me, however, the third day was the real hell. I was literally crying from pain, which was located in my ovaries and pelvis, it was so strong that 1200 mg of ibuprofen AND other analgesia taken simultaneously barely had any effect.
The 4th day I had no pain, bleeding slowly stopped. I felt that something isn't right and I am still pregnant. I went for an ultrasound and I was. The gestational sack was still in my uterus. I was devastated, I really did want to be over it already. I had 5 days left for my body to solve this situation "naturally", otherwise I would have to have a vacuum aspiration. The 9th day my gestational sack left, no blood, no pain, just 1 inch of tissue.
Although it was a very difficult experience, I would decide on this again.

Editor's Comment

Your experience sounded very long and drawn out and I am concerned that you did not have any medical help or advice during this time. Normally, even if the procedure happens at home, there is a helpline to call, and you would not usually be left for this length of time.

This story was sent in on 01/09/2014

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