Our baby has very little brain tissue

By anonymous on 01/10/2014
My husband and I are distraught. After a Roller coaster start to this much wanted pregnancy we have been told by a specialist that our baby has very little brain tissue with a lot of fluid in between. If our baby survives the pregnancy he/she may only live up to one month old. We have 2 delightful daughters to consider and I can't bear the thought of carrying baby to term for our daughters to straight away lose their sibling (not to mention mine and my husband's anguish). It's with heavy hearts that we are considering termination. I am now 14 weeks. My doctor has booked us in for another ultrasound at 15 weeks at which time we will advise if we are going ahead with termination. I will be 16 weeks and 3 days on the day they are able to do the procedure - will it still be ok for me to be asleep during it or will I have to labour at this stage? I am absolutely terrified.

Editor's Comment

This is a tragic situation for you all as a family, and I am sure you will grieve your loss whether you have a termination or carry the baby to term. If you decide on termination a surgical termination is usually still available at 16 weeks although this does vary from area to area so you may need to travel if your hospital/clinic do not offer a late surgical abortion.
It may be worth thinking through how you as a family can grieve for your loss. Some people have found that carrying the baby to term and allowing a natural process to take it's course is easier than making the decision to end the pregnancy. Others find the termination route easier but then you will just have your scan pictures to focus on your loss. Neither route is easy but if you would like to talk to someone about your decision, or just get some support please call the national helpline 0800 4000 999 or go to Online advisor. There are also support groups if you would like to talk to other couples in a similar position support groups for fetal abnormality

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