A surgical abortion at 9 weeks.

By anonymous on 02/10/2014
Surgical abortion - please read this if you're feeling scared or worried! After being tested at my doctors for polycystic ovary syndrome and feeling bloated and generally unwell for a number of weeks, you can imagine my shock when my doctor told me that my blood test had come back as high in the hcg pregnancy hormone. My doctor invited me down to the surgery 10 mins after the call where he performed an examination confirming I was pregnant, and tried to approximately date the pregnancy via an audio ultrasound. He was listening for a heartbeat that could be heard from around 10 weeks, but with nothing to hear, he advised it was probably very early on. Going home absolutely terrified, unfortunately a baby was not a viable option for me at the moment, I made contact with BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service). They invited me the next morning for a consultation. At the consultation, each of the nurses kept me feeling relaxed and reassured, looking after me the entire time. They were not judgemental in any way and only had my interests at heart. During the consultation I had a full ultrasound scan (because they assumed I was so early based on my doctor's estimates, it was an internal ultrasound. Although it wasn't pleasant, it wasn't uncomfortable or painful in the slightest. It took around 5 minutes in total and I was covered over with a towel the whole time). To my absolute shock, my pregnancy turned out to be 9 weeks and a day, which meant I couldn't go through with my initial hope of a medical termination... I was devastated at this news as I hadn't told my family, only my boyfriend and was scared of possible side effects from surgery. Being told that my next appointment would take a day, I had to think of a way of getting out of the house which made the day more stressful. When my treatment day arrived four days later, I was petrified. Having never had surgery or a general anaesthetic before I didn't know what to expect. Initial paperwork took a while to complete and from my arrival to being taken up to be prepared for surgery was an hour. Luckily my boyfriend was with me to help keep me calm and take my mind off things. Suddenly I was called up for treatment (during the paperwork completion I had further opportunity to ask all the questions I needed to which helped) and asked to change into a hospital gown. Then laid on the bed and had the anaesthetic whilst the doctor was confirming my details. I was really worried about going forward for surgery, so I was honest and told the nurses who distracted me by being so wonderful and jolly, chatting about my plans for the weekend and keeping me laughing. The surgery only took 5 minutes and I soon found myself waking up slowly in recovery. Once I felt awake enough to sit up the nurse helped me into another recovery room with reclining chairs. I had water to help the anaesthetic wear off quicker and dozed off for another half hour. Upon waking up, I felt good - a little dozy from the anaesthetic and I had very minor period type pains in my lower tummy. I had extremely minor bleeding and no other side effects. Once I felt better again, I got dressed and went across to have my sandwich and a drink. Upon feeling better still the nurse discharged me, giving me antibiotics. I then met with my boyfriend and we made our way home. I had some painkillers to ease the period pain and just relaxed at home. After that, I felt much better, the period pains stayed for another day but after that I felt back to normal. Three days later I still see blood after using the bathroom, though it's barely anything! Certainly nothing like a period even. I really just wanted to share my story because after my consultation and being told I had to have surgery, I was so scared and this site really helped me. I wanted to pass on my positive experience of using BPAS and reassure other women there is nothing to worry about. Everyone at the surgery is there to help and support you.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for posting your experience of a surgical abortion. It is good to know that medical staff are so supportive. If you need any emotional support or just someone to talk to please call the national helpline 0300 4000 999.

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