Take the pain as it comes, be prepared and deal with it

medical abortion

Hi I had the first stage of a medical abortion on the Monday just gone, and for the second stage they saw me the next day.

Anyway after I got a lift home I felt completely fine and just went straight to bed, and fell asleep because I was tired from not having much sleep the night before.

Then 2 hours later I woke up with really bad cramps that gradually got worse.

I was tossing and turning trying to get into a comfortable position. Then I was unexpectedly sick quite a lot and I did feel better for about two minutes but the cramps were still bad but in those 2 mins of short strength I had, I got up and took two paracetamol and my mum made a hot water bottle for me.

I had a quick look to see how bad the bleeding was and it didn't even start! So I went to the toilet and after I tried having a wee the bleeding started.

As soon as that happened I went really dizzy, my temperature went right up but I cooled down fairly quickly.

I lay on my bed on my belly with the hot water bottle underneath me (my pelvis) and I must say it really does help, the pain calmed down and I fell asleep for a further 2 hours.

I woke up then feeling fine, I had no cramps just felt numb, empty and a little light headed so I had a hot chocolate and something to eat. I just knew I had to get some sugar in me. 

The next day I was feeling 10 times better than I did, I started to feel my normal self again which was a massive relief and now I'm just bleeding as if I'm on my period.

The pain was the worst thing I've ever experienced no doubt about it, but all I kept thinking was I need this over and done with, just take the pain as it comes.

Be prepared and deal with it because us woman are a lot stronger then we think.

This story was sent in on 25/12/2014

Editor's comment

Thanks for posting your experience, and describing what you experienced and how you felt. If you need any support post-abortion help is available.

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