I took the emergency pill within 48 hrs but haven't bled for almost 2 months

I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 19. We had unprotected sex in early November but I took the emergency contraceptive pill within 48 hours.

A week later I began to bleed

A week later, after a night of heavy drinking, I began to bleed lightly, two weeks after my period.

I haven't bled since and it's been almost 2 months.

My periods are usually very regular and much heavier than the initial bleeding.

Early natural miscarriage?

I haven't taken a pregnancy test (click for info about pregnancy tests) out of fear that I could be pregnant but I'm also unsure if the light bleeding could have been an early natural miscarriage.

Will there be much pain if I have an abortion?

Tomorrow I'm going to the doctors to find out but do you have any advice if I have to have an abortion?

At most I am 8 weeks pregnant, if at all.

What would they recommend and will there be much pain?

This story was sent in on 06/01/2015

Editor's comment

There is a failure rate with emergency hormonal contraception so it is possible for you to be pregnant.

Equally, it can also interfere with your normal cycle and delay ovulation for a while which can make your period late.

If you are pregnant and need information about your options, you can contact a centre for free unplanned pregnancy support. You can also visit the NHS choices or fpa websites.

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