I wanted a surgical termination through the NHS.

By anonymous on 06/02/2015
I never take time to write on websites, but when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child and was not in position to carry on, internet and the stories helped me a lot.
I had decided to go surgical termination because I know I don't have the tolerance to wee, poo and pass products of conception(I prefer calling it that way too) in a box. The problem was I was just 5 weeks when I went for consultation. I had to wait a couple more weeks if I wanted a surgical termination through the NHS. I had almost decided to go private just to get it over with sooner. But somewhere the practical person in me told me to hold on. The money if I held back for two weeks would help us in a lot of ways. Well, after a tough two weeks of nausea, tiredness, extreme hunger and thirst, today was the D day. As I was told, I had a light breakfast and took two pills orally at 7.00 am. Some water after that until 10 am.Then nothing after that. We were at the hospital by 11 earlier by half an hour for the appointment. Nothing much happened the first two hours, except I was talked to by a nurse, anaesthetist and the doctor who was to perform the surgery. None of them made me feel awkward. No talk about what I was there for.. just a quick question to confirm, if I was aware of what I was there for and if I am still sticking with my decision. Around half past one, I was told to change into a hospital gown and a house coat to cover the awkward open back. They also gave me hospital disposable nappies to change to. No, embarrassment, as I feared. I changed in a cubicle like that in a swimming pool. Waited there to be taken to a consulting room. It was explained that I would be meet a consultant to confirm my details. Very friendly nurse and anaesthetist were around. I had an oxygen mask and was asked to breath a couple of times, followed by something pungent and I don't recall anything except waking up to know that the procedure was over. I was wheeled into the recovery room. Had a choice of sandwiches and drink to chose from. Ate them as I was famished. My bags were brought to me promptly. I was allowed to take as much time as I needed to get changed. My husband by then was informed that I was out of surgery and would be discharged shortly. Discharge procedure took a while and I had to remind them that I was ready to go. Overall, It was a decent experience. I pray that nobody should ever need to go through this for the emotional and physical troubles, however small it may be. But, if you like me conceived when you least expected it, I highly recommend surgical procedure despite the wait and the NHS is not that bad at all. People there do not judge you. Their aim is not to make you feel bad but better. Yes after many bad experiences for myself with the NHS, now I have a good one to share. I hope like the stories here helped me, mine would help you go through the process. The most important of all is to convince yourself that whatever decision you make is based on your current situation and it is the best that you could. Please do not feel guilty, sorry ..it is possible to feel a bit stupid to have an unwanted pregnancy in this era with all the contraceptions being available easily. Yet, things happen and don't blame yourself. The path is always forward. Standing there just means,you are sinking. Get past. Time is a healer.

Editor's Comment

I am sure it helps to read other people's accounts so that you can think through all the information given and be prepared if you choose to go ahead.
I know that many people take risks with contraception and sometimes you get caught out. The best option is a long acting contraception such as the IUD, Implant or injection as these rely less on you remebering to take contraception each day or use condoms effectively.

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