I've just recently found out I am Pregnant.

By anonymous on 23/02/2015
Hi, I'm a 17 year old girl and I've just recently found out I am Pregnant. I have been on the Pill for over 2 years now as well. So to make sure that I was.. I did 5 pregnancy tests from Boots the Store. And then went into a Clinic for Teenagers and young Adults to clarify this for definite. In this meeting the Man sat me and my Partner down, who I have been with for nearly 3 Years and then asked me what I wanted to do. I replied with a lump in my throat. "We have talked about it and it wouldn't seem fair on the child, when we are only just getting our own lives on track earning money and saving for a Flat" he agreed. With this he made a quick phone call to the NHS, Mother and Child Unit, and explained the matter briefly. I was told I could go in for a chat with the nurse but most young women feel its best over the phone. I disagreed and said I'd like to go in if that was ok with them. As this way I'd feel better in myself talking to someone face to face who has experience within this, and could reassure me that I would be doing the right thing. I then have to go in for another meeting 2 days later for my Scan and then an hour later, decision time for good. I know what I want to do, which is have an abortion as it wouldn't be fair on the child being brought into the world with a struggling Mother and Dad. But I'm really scared about what procedure I want doing. I am one who thinks to myself "my body is for me and my partner only. And do not want anyone else seeing my private parts" ... I really don't want an internal examination. Could someone please help with my situation as I don't know what different procedures they offer. Bearing in mind I would hate to take the tablet as I suffer with very harsh period pains as it is.

Editor's Comment

The options for you if you choose abortion are either the medical abortion where you take a tablet and then 24 - 48 hours later you have further medication, either orally or vaginally, that causes you to lose the pregnancy over a few hours. As you mention this can be a painful process. The alternative is a surgical procedure under sedation or general anaesthetic. The referral procedure is the same in both cases; you can go to your GP, a sexual health clinic or self refer. If you need more help and support with this or with discussing your options please call the helpline 0300 4000 999, or follow the link for unplanned pregnancy support.

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