I became pregnant after one time sleeping with him

By anonymous on 24/02/2015
I met my ex boyfriend 7 month ago, I'm 34 and he was 28. I became pregnant after one time sleeping with him and it was first time for me and him too in our live. I saw he was not ready to have a baby so I had an abortion, it was so hard for me and I became so sick after that.
I didn't have a job and he had a good job but he never supported me even when I went to hospital alone.
He said that we wanted to marry me in the future and have children.
We continued the relationship for 5 months and he said that he wanted to introduce me to his family, and I thought if everything is good and we had a baby, I said to him we can live together now. He became upset and after two days he met me and said he wanted to leave me and that we are not good for each other, and he cancelled the arrangement for visiting his family.
First time he cried when he said this but after that he became colder and colder. One time I thought maybe if we slept together again he will be better but it was a mistake, nothing changed and he didn't want to even touch me.
I cry so much, I lost weight in one week 6 kilos, I became so thin. My family and friends tried to help me, and I became a little better.
He said that he searched on a website to find someone younger and found someone who is 26 and she can make him happy.
He said we can be just friends but I want to meet another person.
I tried to find myself again but it is hard because I think about the baby and I don't understand why he doesn't have feelings for me now and wants to leaved me.
I'm beautiful and I have good knowledge but i lost my confidence after that. Every Sunday I'm meeting him in church without speaking. He is a little ashamed but he doesn't care about me.
He left me in so much trouble without job ,without baby, I need help.

Editor's Comment

It is sad that you became pregnant so soon in your relationship, as it seemed to put a lot of pressure on you both and the relationship never recovered. He obviously was not ready to make a commitment to you whereas you were very keen on him. Please call the helpline for post abortion support 0300 4000 999, or follow the link for post abortion support.

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