This is a true and detailed description of my abortion

By anonymous on 26/02/2015
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I am writing my experience post-medical abortion. Before I had the procedure I read so many stories online, and so I want to share my experience in the hope it helps others. This is a true and detailed description of my abortion.

I found out I was pregnant and was completely distraught. Although I have a long term partner we are very young and did not plan this, nor expect it. We are both studying and do not have jobs that will support a baby.

At first, I did not know what I wanted, I was so unsure about things. I am of the catholic belief and never imagined I would be put in this situation. We did not tell our parents but made an appointment with my GP to see how far along I was.

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I said I was unsure of the decision and she referred us to BPAS for a consultation on the same day. I stated at this point I was unsure as we didn't have any idea how far I was - I was on the pill and had not missed a period. The only reason I took the test was because of severe nausea and I wanted to rule it out.

At the consultation I made it clear to the nurses I was unsure of my decision and they said I would have no treatment today, or until I was ready. They did a scan that said I was 7 weeks pregnant.

My partner and I went home and discussed it. After many mind changes, I felt the right thing to do was to go ahead with the termination. We still had not spoken to our parents and this is a decision we made on our own. I felt that if I told my parents they would have offered me assurance and support that everything would be okay, but I wanted a clear mind when I made the decision.

I went to the first appointment a week later and took the tablets - no bleeding or pain at all.

The following Monday I returned to have the second set of tabs inserted vaginally by a nurse who was lovely - again with some antibiotics which I inserted myself in my back passage.

I went home and had some food. I then started bleeding heavily and passing clots. This was a horrific feeling and I dreaded each time I wanted to go to the toilet - coward. I had period cramps but nothing unmanageable.

After 6 hours of bleeding it eased off a little and I slept. The next 2 weeks I had light bleeding but always wore pads.

After 3 weeks I was out having some food and experienced some shooting pains over my abdominal area. Again, nothing unmanageable but I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac and went to the doctors, who was rude but prescribed me a week of antibiotics in case of infection.

Another three weeks passed - five in total since my medical abortion and on Monday I passed a clot.

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Thanks for sharing your experience of medical abortion.

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