I'm 16 years old and I had an abortion 4 months ago.

By anonymous on 28/02/2015
I'm 16 years old and I had an abortion 4 months ago, it was the hardest thing I have ever been through & no one should be left to go through it by themselves. I had a boyfriend who promised he would stick by me no matter what, but instead would go weekends on end disappearing into a drunken state (when I needed him the most) he would make no contact what so ever but then again still wanted a baby?
So I took it upon myself to finally make my life right and end all contact with him and get my act together.
I started to buy baby clothes, a baby bath, sort out some money for a flat as I was working but I realized that I was growing up too fast and I couldn't handle it all on my own. It tore me apart inside but I knew for a fact getting an abortion was the best thing I could do considering I was alone in this massive mess.
I would like to say if I could go back I wouldn't have done it but there's one thing in this world I wouldn't like to be tied to and that's my ex and bringing a baby into the world always means you'll have that tie. My advice to young girls is don't be afraid to fall in love but just make sure its with the right person and be careful because the day I decided not to have my baby has completely changed my life. It will always be in my head that having such an immature boyfriend can genuinely ruin your life but you just have to get up and get on with it. If you do fall pregnant at a young age make sure you have someone there to help, it makes matters a lot easier and never let anyone make the decision for you. It's completely up to you no matter what.

Editor's Comment

I can imagine that this has been a very difficult experience for you to be pregnant at 16, have no support from your boyfriend and then have to go through the abortion alone. This probably will shape your life but you can learn from your mistakes and be a stronger person at the end of it. If you need post abortion support please ring the helpline or log onto Online Advisor for post abortion support.

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