Positive Surgical Abortion (Local Anaesthetic)

By anonymous on 16/03/2015

Positive Surgical Abortion (Local Anaesthetic)

I'm 19 & found out I was pregnant when I was around four weeks, I was two days late and knew I'd be pregnant. The guy I slept with brought a test over and it confirmed I was pregnant.

Went to the doctors was given a NHS number to call, called my local hospital and was booked in for an appointment at 6 weeks because I was too early for any kind of abortion.

The guy took me to my appointment, I was taken into a consultation room by a nurse, she filled out paper work of why I wanted to do this, was anyone pressuring me, would I be okay afterwards and what method would I want Medical (the tablets) or surgical.

After speaking to someone I know personally who had a Medical abortion and reading story's PERSONALLY for me I didn't want one, to be put through the bleeding at home especially as I have a young son. So I opted for the surgical abortion under local anaesthetic, the nurse did try and make me choose the medical abortion but I was set that I didn't want one, the doctor who was going to perform the treatment on me came in and spoke about why I wanted it and form of contraception I wanted and I opted for the hormone coil, I signed some papers to confirm it all and was given my appointment for a week and a bit later.

Day of termination

The guy drove me there once again, I was pretty nervous because I didn't know how painful it was going to be, but it couldn't be worse than when I was in labour with my son with no pain relief.

I checked in at my appointment, was seated and 10 minutes later called by a nurse who took me into a room down the hall, she asked if I knew what was going to happen and she recapped what was going to happen, I laid on the bed took my leggings, pants and shoes off. she inserted 4 tablets into my vagina, I turned on my side and two antibiotics inserted into my bum.

I got dressed and went into the room with the comfy chairs where I had my first consultation, she asked if I would like some water and got me some and showed me the magazines, I had to wait an hour until I was called again for the gel to be inserted into my vagina, went back into the same room as before this time it was the doctor I met in the first consultation and a nurse.

I got undressed as before, she explained she was going to insert a wide plastic tube into my vagina then use another tube to place the gel into my uterus, the only bit that was uncomfortable was when the plastic tube inserting the gel touched the back of my uterus but it was done within 4/5 minutes, I then wiped myself clean, put a pad in my knickers and got dressed.

I waited another hour then was called by my doctor for my abortion, into the same room as the others times, no scary operating room which I thought this is where it would be done.

She introduced me to the 2 other nurses, they were all so lovely to me, got undressed put my heels in the stirrups, she talked through what she was doing, opening up my vagina with a device then injecting me 3 times with anaesthetic which was the tiniest pinch and didn't hurt, amongst the chat between Her, me and the nurses.

She then started to scrape the walls of my uterus, getting rid of the tissue and every couple of minutes was a quick suction noise, obviously sucking up the tissue. The nurses kept asking if I was okay, kept me chatting. It wasn't painful, just little uncomfortable, she then had to check with a ultrasound if she had got it all, there was a little bit left, this hurt a little, removing the last bits, but not unbearable, it was then all done.

I was getting an achy pain in my tummy but that's it, she put my coil contraceptive in, that was done in 2 minutes, I hardly felt any of the pain, but the last bit of removing the tissue did hurt a little, she said how well I'd done.

I put a clean pad on got dressed after I'd been laying for a few minutes, I felt a little weak the nurse took me back into my little room (where 2 other girls were, we went in one after another) she asked if I'd like paracetamol, I said yes, so she brought me some and gave me a blanket.

I was amazed with how kind all the staff were.

I still felt woozy so she brought me a cup of tea and biscuits which was nice I had to wait 45 min after the treatment to make sure I wasn't bleeding an odd amount, then I was all okay to go home.

My experience was positive, and I would recommend my friends have this done if they ever find themselves in this situation, but I never want myself in this position again. My after bleeding is light and my cramps are mild too.

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