I had an early medical abortion a year ago. (I was around 3/4 weeks from conception so got to it early.)

By anonymous on 04/03/2008
I had an early medical abortion a year ago. (I was around 3/4 weeks from conception so got to it early.) I got pregnant about this time last year. The physical experience itself I have to say wasn’t too bad. They told me it would really hurt but it didn’t really, and I tried to convince myself that, because of this and because I passed 'only a bit of blood', it was indicative that nothing was inside me and really not that much worse then the morning after pill. But a year later it’s still in my thoughts and I can’t shake the fact that somehow I don’t believe this! And somehow I can’t shake the notion that I have to get pregnant again and then this will all be alright, even though I’m a sensible lady who really should know better...

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in and sharing your experience…It’s a surprise for you that you feel the way you do, isn’t it? On the surface, it appears you went through a procedure that was quite uneventful and straightforward, but something deep down has a message for you, disturbing you a little. It seems there’s a part of you that has acknowledged what your experience was all about and refuses to deny it, creating a sense of doubt and even longing for another pregnancy.

You are also at the time of the first anniversary, so it’s being brought to your consciousness again. You may not feel a strong need for support, but that deeper part of you is asking for some kind attention from you. Talking to an advisor at your nearest centre, on the helpline or through Online Advisor can help you to reconnect your head and your heart again.

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