My recent painful medical abortion By Jasmine

I had a medical abortion a few days ago mine was not text book at all

I was given the tablet that blocks the pregnancy hormone and then given 4 tablets that needed to be inserted into my vagina.

Within 10 minutes I felt the cramping and I hadn't even left the hospital, then I got in the car and went home.

When I got in the pains were unbearable I wanted to die.

I have had 7 kids so I put the pain down to having a weak womb

I kept feeling the need to push and kept going toilet.

The blood was a lot and I felt really weak and sick then after 4 times trying to go toilet I felt this lump slide out of me it was quite big I then realised I passed it down the toilet.

The pain continued for another 6 hours, the bleeding was heavy and very uncomfortable and the pains didn't settle down at all and I was still suffering the next day.

I would never chose this option again, to be left to pass a baby down the toilet

I wasn't comfortable with at all and the pain levels were like full blown labour.

Editor's Comment

I am aware that some clinics do not fully explain what is involved in a medical abortion, and it can be very distressing to be aware of what is happening to you when you pass the baby.

The pain is often worse the later on in the pregnancy you are.

It may help you to have some post abortion counselling which would help you to process some of these painful memories and emotions.

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