When the condom broke he said he was sterile so I didn't panic and didn't take the morning after pill

By Dhalia on 18/06/2015
surgical abortion abortion 5 weeks

I had my abortion today at around 4-5 weeks along. The guy I was with said he was “sterile” after the condom broke and so I didn't panic and didn't take the morning after pill... lesson learned - NEVER TRUST A GUY THAT SAYS HE IS STERILE because he might actually be trying to trap you... turns out I was pregnant when I took the test only a couple weeks after the incident.

I'm already a single mother of 2 children, I'm a student as well, and we don't have a lot of money. I feel that logically, abortion was the right decision for me, on the other hand, I am having moments of guilt and regret as well.

I chose to go alone. I did not tell any friends or family members. The only guy that knew was the one who impregnated me, who decided to start an argument with me not only the night before but the day of... I knew immediately that he was really not the one for me. How unsupportive can you be?

My first appointment was about 4 hours long. The first 30 minutes were blood testing and ultrasound. I opted for the surgical abortion with no sedation or valium so that I could drive home immediately after because I didn't want, or have, anyone, to drive with me.

The time came after an hour of waiting and I was escorted to the room to undress and lay on the table. I started feeling a little nervous so a nurse gave me a stress ball to hold and squeeze. I cracked a joke that I was afraid to squeeze it because I might break a nail. We all laughed and then the numbing shots to the cervix began which only felt like mild cramping. I was about 1 min in.

Next, some other rods or poking and prodding began and I was ok. About 30 seconds in I felt as though I had been given a shot of sedation and felt like I was almost going to pass out... I asked if it was normal to feel dizzy, then the dr went on about what he was doing and that's when, for the remaining 3 minutes, things were excruciatingly painful.

Intense, painful cramping in between stabbing and pulling of what felt like my naval being ripped and tugged at over and over 3-4x until I violently jerked my body into an almost sitting motion wailing, not crying or screaming, but the adrenaline (the feeling that came over my body earlier) took over my body and I couldn't cry just jerk, grimace and scream... it was intense.

I'm not going to lie - worst pain I have EVER felt. They said it was over. I asked twice if it was “over” and they said: “yes, yes, we are done”. I was told to go ahead and sit up. The abdominal cramping was still very intense I don't know how I mustered the strength to use my abdominal muscles to pull myself up and pull my panties and pants back up.

I was standing and horribly light headed at this point as they walked me to the “recovery” room full of recliners and at that point, I was dizzy, hot, flushed, had cold tingling hands and the nurse panicked. She saw my face and frantically grabbed cold compresses and elevated my feet.

I felt so drained and an odd tingly sensation drew in the back of my skull and my lips felt cold. The nurse became nervous and wasn't hiding it well, shouted for the dr to come back and kept telling me to breathe because my blood pressure was dropping and was very low.

I asked if I would be ok, she said: “sometimes this happens”. The dr was not coming fast enough and another nurse came in, looked at me and started shuffling around wiggling her hands which didn't help ease my anxiety so I prayed and tried to be calm and breathed deep slow breaths...

The dr still had not come back. I knew I needed to be ok because I already have children at home and they need their mother. The nurse came back smiling and jumping “you're alive! ok good!!”. I was given Tylenol and was ready to leave within 20 mins.

Although I felt out of it and exhausted for the next hour. The pain and the cramping was only intense for about 10 mins after the procedure. I'm not sure why my body went into shock and reacted the way it did and no one really seemed to want to explain anything to me so I'll be going to the Dr. tomorrow to get everything checked out.

All the other girls in the waiting area had sedation and complained about excruciating pain... I had no sedation and I would not recommend it.

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