I felt I wanted to just write a bit of my story in hope that my experience may help someone else. I had an abortion ten months ago.

I felt I wanted to just write a bit of my story in hope that my experience may help someone else. I had an abortion ten months ago. I already have two young children. Ten months on, I know I made the wrong decision for me. At the time, I was not aware of CareConfidential. I had the abortion totally alone. I drove two hours to the clinic alone. The clinic had no counsellors that day due to staff shortage problems. I had a surgical abortion and drove home thirty minutes later. I didn’t make the right choice for me. Since the abortion I have changed, my life has changed. I regret that day so much. The clinic nurse said, ‘Most women don't feel regret’. Maybe I am in the minority, but I will never know as abortion is not talked about in society. I just wanted to say if you are reading this and considering abortion, please talk to someone first and explore your options. Don't just run into it as I did. (I found out I was pregnant on a Monday and had the termination on a Wednesday.) Editor’s note: Thank you so much for writing in… You don’t say much about the circumstances that led to your decision, but you seem to have a very clear belief now that it was the wrong decision for you. You don’t say much, either, about why you feel it was the wrong decision, except that you regret that day. Perhaps you feel some of the other emotions that so many women feel, and which you can read about in most of the stories posted on this website, of loss, grief, anger or guilt and shame. If you are feeling any of these, or just the regret you mention, it might help you to talk with a trained advisor at one of the centres. This would be an opportunity for you to come to terms with your termination and find healing.

This story was sent in on 09/04/2008

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