I am now 10 weeks gone and struggling to know what to do.

By Ana

I have fairly recently found out I am pregnant. I am now 10 weeks gone and struggling to know what to do - whether to keep the baby or have a termination. I had a surgical abortion 1 year ago and swore I would never make the same mistake, but now so may obstacles have arisen and I am struggling to see how I can possibly continue with this pregnancy. My partner and I are both in our early 20s and training to be teachers at university. I suffer from several mental health problems including bipolar disorder and I am in remission from anorexia nervosa. Since I found out i am pregnant I have had to stop taking my meds as they are harmful to the baby, but now I am losing my head. I dont think its safe for me to have a baby when I am unstable. Having planned the pregnancy I could've been weened onto different meds prior to conception, making the whole situation safer. But this pregnancy was not planned and would leave me unstable and having to drop out of uni with no money and nowhere to live. My partner would never forgive me if I terminate the pregnancy but I just feel too scared to keep it! Advice please!! 

Editor's Comment

I am concerned that you feel your mental health is deteriorating. My first advice would be to request a referal to your consultant to discuss alternative medication. Although some drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy, there are other options that you could consider. I would look at all your options so that your partner knows  you have considered other alternatives. I think if you go straight for abortion because you are scared of how you feel, your relationship could be under a lot of pressure. 

Ana sent this story in on 20/07/2015

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