I'm not trying to scare you about abortion, but everyone sugar coated it, so here's the truth

By Chadey on 03/09/2015
medical abortion

At the beginning of the year, I suffered Anorexia Nervosa and was told I wouldn't be able to achieve children naturally as because of the severe eating habits I had put my body into hypothyroidism Amenorrhea. My specialist actually told me that I didn't even have to bother with contraception.

Four months later, I was on my path from recovery from Anorexia and got my first period. I was so relieved and from that day continued to use contraception. 

A month later my period was late by a week, however, that was not uncommon when I did receive them. I remember going to Woolworths to get glue for my car, and thinking I should just get a pregnancy test just so I know I'm not pregnant, however, I didn't have one train of thought that I was.

Busting to go to the toilet anyway, I went inside a toilet in Woolies. For the first time in my entire life, at just twenty-one, two symbols appeared and I was in fact pregnant.

I gave myself a day to recover from this shocking news. The next day I contacted the pregnancy advisory center, where I spoke to a counselor about all my options.

At this point in time, I 60% wanted to keep the unborn baby. I told my partner and my mother and sister. My partner and I went to display homes and even applied for a bank loan, although I work an average of eight hours a week, and am a Social Work student.

Our loan did receive approval, although fees would be extremely high. We then were told our house and land package wouldn't be done until 10 months, and we needed the $15,000 towards a house the government granted us if we built.

My partner told me that he would support any decision I made, however, he didn't believe it was the right time. My mother and sister, however, wanted me to keep the baby as being a mother is what I want more than anything.

Anyway, I will skip the long boring details. I decided to abort my child. I cried for days. We all did. It's not something I'm proud of, but today is the day after my abortion and I believe it was the right decision. I want to be able to give my child everything and I want to be a social worker. I separated my values and beliefs and decided this was the right decision.

During my ultrasound, the doctor told me my body had grown the baby sack, but a baby was apparent at this date.

I took the first abortion pill in the pregnancy advisory center with a doctor as I had to by law. Tuesday I was fine, however, Wednesday was hell. Let me make this clear without scaring you. IT WAS THE WORST PAIN I EVER EXPERIENCED. It lasted from 11:30 'til about 5 pm.

And although this sounds selfish, if I wish I had the surgical abortion as I wouldn't have the pictures of what I saw come out in my mind, or the pain to remind me that I was having contractions and delivering a dead baby or sack.

Personally, I don't have anything against abortion, but I will NEVER go through this process again. I'm not emotionally damaged. I know that makes me sound cold-hearted, but I can only feel physical pain now. But I will not go through it again. Ever.

The truth? What you're going to experience? You're going to push out a lump, there is going to be a lot of blood. You will feel dizzy and drugged up because they have you on so many different pain-killers. But the pain is still there, and it's like having a broken leg in numerous places. You're giving birth. With any luck, you will sleep half of it because you're on such heavy pain-killers.

I'm not trying to scare you, but when I was searching for what to expect, everyone sugar coated it. So here's the truth.

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