A medical abortion at 6 weeks and 1 day seemed a more natural way

Medical abortion at 6 weeks and 1 day. I opted for a medical abortion as it seemed a more 'natural' way and it was quicker to get booked in for this procedure.

On Thursday I took the oral tablet and inserted the 4 tablets vaginally at the clinic. The nurse sent me home and gave me all the warning signs and said to expect to bleed within 2-4 hours although everyone is different and she did say it could be as soon as 20 minutes.

I left the clinic at 12:40, and at 16:00 the pain started, but no blood. It wasn't until 20:00 when I went to the toilet that I started passing blood, none showing on my pad. I was going to the toilet almost every 30 minutes passing a lot of blood and clots.

I went to bed at around 01:00 and at 03:00 I woke up with a really strange pain, the only way to describe it would be that it was like a pressure inside, the pain was quite bad so I got a hot water bottle.

I went to the toilet and I think that's when I passed the foetus, I could feel something grape-sized pass through and plop into the toilet. I didn't look.

I went to back to bed with my hot water bottle. I woke up, blood on my pad but not too much. I normally have heavy periods and haven't bled the same amount. I took my antibiotics as instructed on Friday morning which made me feel quite sick, the pain was back so I was using the codeine they gave me.

It's now Saturday and the bleeding has slowed down and I haven't needed any painkillers since last night.

It seems to have gone very quickly, I thought there would be a lot more blood. Unless it hasn't worked or I was a bit paranoid about how bad it would it be? 

This story was sent in on 05/09/2015

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