Going into the Planned Parenthood clinic wasn’t as bad as I thought

Becoming pregnant at 18, with barely any income and with my boyfriend living so far away, we decided we couldn’t keep our baby. This was the hardest decision I have ever made. I kept going back and forth with him about it. But there were no valid solutions to how we would be able to afford the baby and take care of the baby.

I made an appointment for my medical abortion. Going into the Planned Parenthood clinic wasn’t as bad as I thought. I received an ultrasound, you don’t have to look but I chose to. I definitely recommend you don't. It does make you feel worse.

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After the ultrasound, you give some blood to test for iron levels. Next, you speak to the doctor. She asks if you’re sure this is what you want and then gives you the first pill and the antibiotic. After that, I left and made my hour trip back home.

I began feeling nauseous while driving back. I had to pull over and puke. That’s a possible side effect of the first pill. But that’s all that happened.

The next day, 24 hours from when I took the first pill, I took the second set of pills which are the ones that actually cause the abortion. I also was prescribed hydrocodone. This drug is very strong and I highly recommend you make sure you’re given some. I took 800mg ibuprofen as well.

About 3 hours after taking them I had the worst cramping and pressure in my lower belly. I was sweating, I threw up twice and felt weak. It was only bad for about an hour and a half. Then it went down to a lower level that I could handle. I didn’t have horrible pain for the rest of the night. Just bleeding.

Ladies, please go with your gut when deciding about keeping it or not. A mother’s instinct is always right. Honestly, I would have kept my baby. But if I had to go back I’d choose the surgical abortion. Faster and not as bad.

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This story was sent in on 03/02/2019

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