I was seven weeks pregnant when I terminated my pregnancy.

By anonymous on 21/08/2008
I was seven weeks pregnant when I terminated my pregnancy. It was something that I didn’t really want to do, but due to circumstances of it not being my partner’s, I really didn’t feel like I had the choice. I had the early medical procedure and I write this because, as I was researching the internet about it, all I seemed to read were horror stories and it was this that made me a nervous wreck. Well, I went to a private clinic and the staff were wonderful. They informed me of everything I needed to know. I was sick to the stomach with nerves when I went to take the first tablet. I took it and then drove home, thinking ‘oh, when am I going to be sick like it says in the stories?’ Well, I wasn’t; I had no side effects at all.

I went back the next day for the next tablets. As soon as they had been inserted, I went home for it to happen. Bleeding started about 1.5 hrs later just like a heavy period. I thought this can’t be right, no pain, and no clots. I had had codeine at the clinic which made me a bit sleepy, but it was all over in around four hours and I didn’t really notice anything, just went to the toilet and flushed it. It just seems far more private and natural in your own home. I had bleeding for approx two weeks after. I look at it like I had a miscarriage because it’s the same feeling. I went for the check-up today and all is fine. However, it did all come flooding back and if I could turn back time then I would have made another choice. I wish I had had some counselling before it happened but it’s too late now and I can only try to move on. So for those of you that are worried about the EMA, the actual procedure is not always that bad.

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in about your medical termination experience… It’s true that the physical experiences to the procedure itself vary and this is what many women worry about. How we cope with our emotional responses varies too. Despite the fact that you had relatively little pain, it does sound as if going back to the clinic allowed your deeper feelings about having a termination to resurface briefly. Not feeling them all the time doesn’t mean they are not there. Most of us have efficient coping mechanisms that deal with feelings we don’t like, one of which is to suppress feelings and bury them, giving ourselves the illusion that we are OK. In time, you may feel the need to acknowledge the emotional discomfort you have at a deeper level and we are here to support you if you would like. Your nearest centre can offer you the opportunity for some post-abortion support through our sensitive and caring recovery programme, The Journey, or you can use Online Advisor.

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