I'm 40, with two children, and I've just had a medical termination today

Hi. Today I have just had a medical termination.

I’m 40 years old and have two children already aged 12 and 10. I would have been 9 weeks tomorrow.

I took my first pill on Tuesday, and then my second internally today at 12.30.

I came home and started bleeding at 2.45, had tummy pains cramps and heavy bleeding, passed lots of clots, and have to admit I scooped the clots from the loo, to look for my baby.

I think I found it.

It looked like a jelly sac. It was clear, with folds and a little blood clot at the bottom. I also passed lots of other blood clots.

I opted for the medical termination as I thought it would be better for me.

I’m feeling very tired but the procedure went well and very quickly, not as painfully as I had been told.

It was the right thing for me to do.

Editor’s note:

Thanks for sharing your experience…

Medical terminations vary in physical intensity as you can tell from other people’s stories, but it sounds like the procedure was quite manageable for you.

I wonder why you looked for your baby. It may have been curiosity, maybe some other reason.

Whatever it was, you now have a memory of that from which you will make some meaning. Just be aware that your head will have a logical, straightforward response to this experience, which may explain your matter of fact way of writing, but your heart is also responding, perhaps unbeknown to you.

As I have said many times before, the heart has its reasons about which the mind knows nothing.

If you feel you ever need some emotional support for your experience, please get in touch, That's what we're here for.

This story was sent in on 21/08/2008

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