I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant.

By anonymous on 27/09/2006
I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant. I had always wanted a baby but not that young! I thought, ‘What will my boyfriend say? What will my mom say! What will people think of me! Why did this have to happen to me?’

I was so confused about what I needed to do! Finally, my boyfriend and I decided to have an abortion. I thought it was the only way I could go back to a normal life. But it will never be normal again. I lost a little piece of innocence when I had my abortion!

After that my boyfriend and I didn’t stay together and today I’m sure he wouldn’t even have a second thought about it! I have mentioned it to him but he says what’s in the past stays in the past! I could have kept my baby. Instead I decided to not tell anyone so people wouldn’t look down on me. If I could go back now, I would, in a heartbeat, and I wouldn’t care what other people said. I would make my own decision. I do know if I could go back I would have my baby!

I have two other kids now and I love them more than life itself. They are my world and I really don’t think I will ever tell them what I have done in the past but I do know if my daughter ever got pregnant, I would give her choices and I wouldn’t look down on her!!! Please don’t be scared to talk to your parents. They will help you and try to support your decision!!!

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