I knew I couldn’t face another pregnancy, I was five and a half weeks when I rang the clinic

I knew I couldn’t face another pregnancy at the age of 38, after having four children already. I was 5½ weeks when I rang the clinic.

I had to wait two weeks for my first consultation, then another week to take the first tablet that stops the hormone to the foetus.

Then two days later, I returned to have the pessaries.

In all, I was one day away from the cut-off time!

The stress was unbearable. There are not enough clinics available, it all happened over Christmas. I was asked the silliest question on my last visit, ‘Did you have a nice Christmas?’ I made her feel very silly for asking!

A very emotional sad time. I found it more unpleasant than painful, but as I have experienced childbirth it wasn’t too shocking. I think it would be for someone who hasn’t had a child.

This story was sent in on 10/03/2009

Editor's comment

Thanks for sharing your story…

You don’t say much about why it was an emotional, sad time for you. Yet you felt enough negative emotion to respond to that question in that way.

Sometimes it takes a while to really acknowledge what has happened. If you find yourself continuing to feel sad about it, then I recommend you seek some support from your nearest centre where you can talk to someone who understands.

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