I didn't really understand everything about the abortion

I’m 13 and I had an abortion six months ago in November. I didn’t really understand everything about it.

I was pressured into my abortion by my Dad and my sister!

On that day of my abortion, I didn’t really feel a lot.

After I didn’t feel anything I felt relieved, but as the weeks went on it started to hit me!

I have flashbacks of that day. I felt the need to replace my baby to make me happy again!

Although I was ten weeks and it wasn’t a developed baby it was mine and I loved it!

I didn’t think I could get rid of my pain. I thought I would be hurting forever. But the pregnancy crisis care centre is really starting to help me talk about my hurt and say what I really feel without being judged.

We do great things there and it’s really helpful! So I’m not just thinking about bad things anymore. It is really helping me through this tough time! :)

Editor’s note

Thanks for sharing your story with us…

It’s good that you have been honest with yourself about the pain this experience has caused you. It sounds as if you were quite numb at first, but then the negative feelings started to surface.

Now you have a safe place to talk about and work through all the aspects of your experience - I’m glad you are finding it helpful and supportive.

We’ll be thinking of you as you go through your journey of recovery.

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