I am the girl who fell pregnant two days before her fifteenth birthday

By anonymous on 21/04/2009
I am the girl who fell pregnant two days before her fifteenth birthday from New Year’s eve. I didn’t really think about my decision and now live to regret it. My mum and dad banned me from seeing my long term boyfriend, but I have secretly seen him behind their back. I know this is wrong of me, but being with him makes me feel less alone and numbs the pain. My abortion was on the 21st Feb 2009, and it is now mid April 2009 nearly two months on and I have had so many problems. For the two weeks after I had huge blood clots constantly and severe pains, so decided to take a trip back to hospital at 11pm on a Friday night as I was throwing up and struggling to breathe due to pain. I had many blood tests taken and also a smear test done (which hurt a lot) however they could not find any real problems. One of the tests came back to say I was anaemic, although this wouldn’t have caused any complications. I was discharged with antibiotics as the hospital just believed I had an infection. During the week I took these tablets the bleeding calmed down, but when I stopped it got worse again. Two weeks ago the bleeding got heavier so I believed I had started a real period, although I couldn’t be certain because I never stopped bleeding. Despite the fact I wasn’t certain I had an Implant fitted and the bleeding stopped. Two days later the bleeding has started again. I don’t understand what is wrong with me but I am too scared to talk to my parents about it. I guess this year is my unlucky year!

Editor’s note: You have had a very difficult experience with your abortion and your anxiety about talking to your parents sounds as though it has left you lonely and isolated.
The bleeding you have been getting must be very frightening.
We are not medical advisors but I would strongly recommend that you book an appointment with your GP. This is completely confidential even if you are 15 and they will be able to decide whether you need any further treatment. They will also be able to give you tablets to stop the bleeding. I think that sorting out your physical health at the moment is very important.
You are very welcome to speak to an advisor on the Helpline, or to log into the confidential Online advisor service if you would like some more support.

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