After fourteen years of marriage, I was pregnant.

After fourteen years of marriage, I was pregnant. My husband was not happy about it. I had a son. My husband became ill, so life was difficult. Then I became pregnant again. His mother died. He had to have a blood transfusion. I had to decide what to do. It could have meant divorce as things were so bad. I had no-one to talk to. Everyone took it for granted that I would abort, even the doctor. I had been a Christian at sixteen but made a mess of my life. After the abortion, I felt suicidal, but things changed. My husband is now a Christian. We have had Christian counselling and we have asked God to forgive us. I no longer hurt and we celebrate 45 years together this October. Abortion is not something to take lightly, but even if you have had an abortion, God still loves you and will heal and forgive. Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing your story…It sounds like you had a very difficult few years, under pressure from difficult circumstances and the expectations of others. It’s good that you have come through positively and found peace with yourself and with your husband, and with God. I sometimes say on these pages that abortion is not the unforgiveable sin, that healing is possible and life still has hope. You are an example of what’s possible – thank you for sharing your story.
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