At first, when I saw the positive pregnancy test, I couldn't quite believe it.

By anonymous on 25/08/2009
I had my abortion carried out five weeks ago at just over seven weeks pregnant. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. At first, when I saw the positive pregnancy test, I couldn't quite believe it. After a few minutes, I went and told my boyfriend. His reaction was also one of disbelief. However, he insisted immediately that I undergo an abortion. I was confused at his reaction. This was my first pregnancy and I needed time to process the news. I had the abortion one week after I discovered I was pregnant. It was an uncomfortable and distressing experience.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in about your experience…It sounds as if you were under pressure right from the word go, and didn’t really have time to think through all the options, or even talk through your feelings thoroughly. When a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy and finds she is unsupported by her partner, she often feels she has to make the choice between the relationship and the baby. And again, in that situation, the woman often chooses the relationship over the pregnancy but the tension that follows, when she realises her loss, is often enough to disrupt the relationship anyway.

A week is no time at all to process the shock of an unplanned pregnancy and make an informed decision based on accurate information, rather than fear, panic or pressure from someone else. If you feel you would like to talk about your experience and process your feelings now, then you could contact your nearest centre and make an appointment for some support.

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