Hi I’m 15 and a half and my boyfriend is 20. I am up to 6 weeks pregnant.

Hi I’m 15 and a half and my boyfriend is 20. I am up to 6 weeks pregnant. He was surprised when I told him but understands that I am too young to have a baby and is ok with me having an abortion. I know he is upset. I am going to the clinic this Wednesday and I’m really scared. I really do not want to get rid of my baby but I know that I have no choice and if I told my mum, she would report my boyfriend to the police because of his age. She would also probably kick me out and everyone I know would look down on me. I so don’t want to go and am dreading every day but I know I have no choice in this :( thanx Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in about your situation…Let’s get one thing straight – you DO have a choice. Sometimes we look at circumstances and we believe we are trapped by them, but in reality we are not. We just allow circumstances to tell us what to do because we believe there is no way out. Yes, you are under age but you don’t know for sure how your mum will react. Even if she does react in the way you say she will, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do with regard to your pregnancy. Don’t just go on what you think might happen. Get the facts and find out all the possibilities. It would help you to get in touch with your nearest centre or speak to someone on the helpline – 0300 4000 999 – so you can make sure you have accurate information about all the options, explore all your feelings as well as your circumstances and make the decision you can live with. We’ll be thinking of you.

This story was sent in on 30/08/2009

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