Then I found out I was pregnant again and he pressured me into having an abortion.

I am 19 and I already have a daughter who is 18 months old. I split up with my boyfriend and went out with my friends and got drunk and kissed another man. I told my boyfriend about it and got back together with him. Then I found out I was pregnant again and he pressured me into having an abortion. It’s been 9 months now and my relationship with him has broken down because of it. I hate him for what he’s made me do. Now I have to live with the guilt every day. I wish I had been strong and made my own decision. Editor’s Comment:- What a hard lesson to have learned. I agree with you that no one should ever be pressurised into such a big decision, and it is important to know what you really feel about an abortion in this situation. It may have been hard for you to continue the pregnancy knowing how your boyfriend felt, but in the end it is you that has to live with that decision. It may help you to do ‘The Journey’ post abortion support programme to help you to look at the issues surrounding your abortion. If you contact the national helpline 0300 4000 999, they may be able to put you in touch with some support in your area.
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I really was so unsure about what to do and although I know no one could have made the decision for me, I wanted someone to talk to, to discuss both options and get some advice.


I am against abortions, I would never have thought of taking another life, whether it was just a bag of blood or not.


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