I went to sleep soon after then I suddenly woke up with immense pain (the suction part of the procedure) I cried out in pain as I have never had pain like it.

By anonymous on 26/10/2009
I had really bad pregnancy symptoms from 4 weeks pregnant. I did a test and went straight to my family planning clinic and got my abortion referal letter.
I decided to have a medical abortion then changed my mind (couldn't bare the thought of passing blood clots on my own at home) so at the last minute I changed my mind for a surgical abortion and arranged this over the phone.
I waited 6 days from going to the family planning clinic to having the abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic. My friend was working so I had arranged for her to meet me in there an hour after my inital appointment.
I waited in the (very busy) waiting room, on my own, surrounded my couples giggling and kissing, so I would advise you to go with someone as it was the last thing I wanted to see after having quite an unsupportive partner.
After nearly an hour wait, a lovely nurse took me in for my scan and blood test. I asked about the pain and she said she would be surprised if I felt anything. Then within 15minutes I was taken to another waiting room. This room was full of recliner chairs and was a waiting room for women for surgical abortions.
As I waited I was really calm as there were 2 women who had already had their abortions and they seemed absolutely fine chatting away to each other in the waiting room. I waited for my turn and a lovely nurse took me into the surgical room where the procedure is carried out.
I removed my lower clothing and waited on the bed while we chatted and I had my sedation stuff put in my arm. I went to sleep soon after then I suddenly woke up with immense pain (the suction part of the procedure) I cried out in pain as I have never had pain like it. A nurse put on my lower clothing and walked me out to the surgical waiting room (Visitors are not allowed in here).
I was still crying as I was still in pain in my womb and read a text from my friend saying they refused to let her in(so not only did I feel the whole procedure, in tears they then did not let my friend in to wait for me, she had to walk back to her car parked 10minutes away).
They give you some warm pack for your tummy which did nothing for me but the pain went within 5 mins.
They ask you if you want tea or coffee and biscuits but I didnt want anything from them as I was not in a good mood at all.
They gave me my antibiotics and I asked to leave to meet my friend.
I cried for ages in her car at the shock of the pain I felt.
I still had morning sickness all of that day, but it has gone now (after I had 1 full nights sleep). I am fine now though (it has been about 30 hours since the actual procedure), I ate something, and have very mild pains in my tummy like period pains which I only really feel if I sneeze or cough. Lovely staff at Marie Stopes but did the surgical abortion hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emotionally I couldn't be happier as having a child would NOT have been the right choice for me xx

Editor's Comment:-

Your experience sounded very painful. I feel that despite your comments about the staff being lovely, you should have been warned that you would experience some pain and for some women it can be very strong cramp like pain. Anyone going through a surgical abortion under local anaesthetic and sedation is going to experience pain, so you were not very well prepared by the staff.
I'm glad you are feeling better and that you feel you have made the right decision.

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