They asked many questions including whether I'd like to know if I had conceived twins.

By anonymous on 09/12/2009
I had a medical abortion about 2 weeks ago. I was 8 weeks pregnant and only found out about 1 week before. First of all I took a pregnancy test on November 5th, yes bonfire night! The next day I went straight to a family planning clinic where I had to take another test just to make sure. The women there were really supportive and very helpful, they referred me to a BPAS clinic close by and made the appointment for me. The following week I went to my appointment.They asked many questions including whether I'd like to know if I had conceived twins. I said 'yes' as being a twin myself I was curious. I then had the scan to determine how many weeks pregnant I was,and they told me 8 weeks. However this was practically impossible as I had my period in September...this probably meant there was a possibility I was having twins which made me feel terrible. After the scan they took a blood test and then arranged another appointment for the actual abortion. I went to the first appointment where a woman took me into a seperate room and explained about taking the first tablet. I listening carefully as she handed me leaflets with information about what was going to happen. I felt no side effects to this tablet. The second appointment was arranged for the next morning. Again I was called into a seperate room where the second course of pills were explained. These are the four tablets that are inserted vaginally...definitely something I don't EVER want to do again! Within half an hour I felt a cramp like feeling which was gradually getting worse. I made it home within about 45mins of taking the tablets and was in serious pain and very sick. I kept having to get up and go to the toilet for no reason. Within an hour I could not lie down, stand up or sit down because of the literally have to sit it out. I found exhaling alot when the contraction happened helped me cope with the pain as the painkillers didn't seem to do anything. I was literally crying in pain. I remember lying there and I felt I was beginning to bleed. It came so unexpectedly however I was prepared. I ran to the toilet. After 3 or 4 hours...can't remember the precise time as I was in no fit state to be time keeping I felt something happen in my womb. Kind of like when you hear your stomach digesting food but not quite so much. And suddenly the pain stopped and I knew that it was over. I went to the toilet and sat there until something happened...and there it was...I won't go into details as I didn't look at it properly, but it looked like a large clot. I began feeling better straight away and did not expect things to be over so quickly. It's been 2 weeks and I am still bleeding but I know it will be over soon. I really don't know why but I keep thinking about what it would be like if I did keep the baby. However I'm a 19 yr old student and not really in any position to have a child whatsoever. As a result I have broken up with my boyfriend (who was also the father)just because of the amount of stress I was under with the abortion and my university work.

Editor's Comment:-

I'm glad that the staff were supportive and that you had all the information fully explained to you. It still sounds as though the pain and experience was something you couldn't anticipate, and I hope your story will help others to understand the process of medical abortion. It is understandable that you are looking back and thinking about what might have been. If you need any help or support there are trained advisors who can give you this, and you can access it through the web site.

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