Waiting for an abortion

By anonymous on 24/01/2010
Waiting for an abortion - a way around it. I found out I was pregnant because my breasts were very delicate and sore. I then went to my doctor and they were quite harsh about it and said I couldn't get an appointment for 4 weeks at the local NHS clinic and if I wanted one sooner I'd have to go private which would cost from £500 to £1000 (money I didn't have). So I spent a while researching and found out that if I lived in Bristol I would be seen that week!! As we're free to move around the country and it's all the same NHS in the end, I decided to move in with my sister in Bristol and have it done there. I simply registered with the doctors in Bristol and was referred immediately. Everything was done so quickly, which is really what I needed because I was 100% certain with my decision, and I didn't want to carry around a fetus and think of it growing in that way. I wanted to get rid of it while it was still just cells. Having the procedure quickly was the best thing I did. I'd recommend it to anyone who is completely sure from the outset.

Editor's Comment:-

Services do vary from area to area, and you may have to wait longer at certain times when demand is higher. It often feels a relief to have a problem dealt with quickly, but for many women I would recommend that you give yourself time to think through your decision, get all the information about the different options, and weigh up how they will affect you. Each of the options in unplanned pregnancy are major decisions and need to be thought through carefully. You were more unusual in being so sure about your decision.

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