I just wanted to share my experience of my medical abortion at 16 weeks with everyone

By anonymous on 06/04/2010
medical abortion abortion 16 weeks

I just wanted to share my experience with everyone.

I made the decision to have a medical abortion at 16 weeks pregnant.

I looked on the internet the day before my procedure and scared myself to death reading all the horror stories and basically made myself hysterical.

Anyway, this is my experience...

Went to the hospital at 9 am, was told to have a wee and then lay on my bed. The nurse inserted a tablet vaginally and one up my bottom, I then had to lay down for 10 mins.

I then was told to walk round as this helped, so I paced up and down the hospital for an hour.

I didn't have any pain and I didn't feel sick.

It basically slipped out of me

At 11:30 I had to swallow 2 more tablets, and I did have very runny poos for about 20 mins.

Then at about 12 noon, I began to get a very mild tummy ache and a heavy feeling in my bottom. A few mins later I heard a popping sound and then a gush of water came out of me, my waters had broken, the nurse told me to sit on the loo, a bedpan was placed on the seat, but nothing happened and still no pain.

About 15 mins later I felt something pushing down in my pants area, rushed to the loo and it basically slipped out of me. It didn't hurt at all but did freak me out because I knew what it was, I didn't look and called for the nurse.

It was not a horrifically painful experience

She confirmed that it had slipped away from me and I just had to push the afterbirth out, this happened 10 mins later, again no pain.

The nurse covered the bedpan and took it away.

I was told 5 mins later that the pregnancy was over and everything was fine.

I just had to wear a big sanitary towel and lay down for an hour then go home. I only suffered very mild tummy ache and felt amazing relieved afterwards.

It was not a horribly painful experience, not that I would want to go through it again, but I didn't suffer at all and the nurses were supportive and caring!

Editor's comment

Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad that your experience was not as bad as you were fearing it might be. I think it is different for each person, and while it can help to hear about other people's experiences you can't always apply these to yourself. For anyone who has had a difficult physical or emotional time, you can get free help and post-abortion support.

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