27 and facing an unplanned pregnancy

By anonymous on 19/03/2011
I'm 27 and facing an unplanned pregnancy.
I got pregnant by this guy who was my weakness. I knew he was no good and he's been in and out of my life for 2 years.
He's disappeared already after 1 week of finding out I was pregnant. I don't have a steady job and my finances suck. I'm in no financial position to raise a child, especially alone as a single mom.

I'm scared of abortion but feel like its the best choice.

I have an on the go lifestyle where I'm always moving and I wouldn't know if I would even make a good Mom right now.
I'm 9 weeks and only have like a week to decide. I just don't like the whole process of vacuuming the baby out of me and I heard the heartbeat at the ultrasound. I don't know what to do..... if I were financially secure I think I would raise the child, but it seems impossible right now.

Editor's Comment

It is a difficult situation when you feel you have no financial security and no partner to stand by you for support. It sounds as though the idea of abortion is difficult for you as well, and the reality of the baby and hearing the heartbeat is making you think. Please call the national helpline if you would like to talk this decision through with a trained advisor.

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