I am 20 weeks pregnant and booked for a later medical termination on Monday

By anonymous on 24/03/2011
Hi there, I'm 20 years old and recently found out that I am pregnant.
I've been with my older boyfriend over 2 years and we came to the decision together that I would have an abortion, since then we have been to BPAS for all my medical tests/scan and talks with people and I came to the decision the medical abortion would be the best option.

I only had 2 options as I am now 20 weeks pregnant

This one seemed the more safer option for me.
I was so shocked as to how far along I was, which has made me have doubts about the whole thing. I have recently told my mum about everything who was very supportive, and I have had chats with my boyfriend about my doubts.
He said at the end of the day it is my decision, however expressed his views and opinions on his side.
I agreed with everything regarding it, how it's more a financial thing not that we wouldn't want and care for a child.
I really dont know what to do, as my first appointment is on monday.. I'm scared about everything :( thanks

Editor's Comment

It is a very hard decision for you. You are in a stable relationship and your main concern is financial, so it sounds as though if circumstances were different you would love to continue your pregnancy. I think that making this enormous decision on this basis is particularly difficult as these circumstances may change in 6 months, a year, 2 years, and you could end up wishing you had not based your decsion on something that is so changeable. The other consideration is that medical termination at 20 weeks will be physically and emotionally painful. You will be giving birth after a labour, and you may see what you pass so please talk to someone and make sure that you are clear about all the information and the experience you are facing.
Check the website for a pregnancy centre near you, or call the national helpline to speal to a trained advisor.

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