I don't want to regret my decision

By anonymous on 30/03/2011

At first I was full of joy

so i'm 10 weeks pregnant and at first was full of joy even though i am not with the father; and then i told him and thats where it all changed. It was with a guy i'd been seeing for a couple of months but only slept with once! He really doesn't want the baby and this has made a huge influence on my decision.

He's been nasty

He's been nasty and putting a lot of pressure on me to abort, and needless to say that we have nothing more to us! It just keeps making me question if i'm ready. I'm 28 years old and have a career and now i'm scared as he doesnt want to do this with me. I don't know if i can do it alone. If i do, this is going to be a very stressful and messy time for me as he is going to go crazy.

Can I bring up a child alone?

I do have family support in huge ways but at the end of the day its me on my own and i'm just not sure i'm ready to bring a child up alone. I always wanted to bring it up in a family, secure and stable. I also feel mean that i'm bringing it into the world knowing his father doesnt want to know... money is far from an issue for the dad, so its not that. Its just that he doesnt want it now or with me (nice). Saying all of that, im not sure if the above words are even mine, as this is what he says, even though i do think these things, they never really were a reason....

I'm so scared of making a decision I'll regret

Oooo god i am sooo confused! i went to see a counsellor and she said that i'm thinking of him and not me. This scares me - that i'm going to make a decision i regret, i'm so sad and emotional and all i want is to know what i want...please help!!!!!

Editor's Comment

Understandably you are feeling very stressed about the father's reaction to the pregnancy. It's incredibly painful to be rejected in such a way. You are also expressing strong feelings towards the baby, both in your initial reaction to the pregnancy, and also in your desire to give it a good family environment.
Choosing abortion because of pressure from your partner will leave you vulnerable to anger and regret afterwards. It is so important to make the decision for yourself. It can be hard to parent alone, but you say that you have a lot of family support. Please give yourself time to explore the parenting options with your family's help. For more support please follow the link to find a centre for crisis pregnancy support in your area.

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