A possible contraceptive failure

I'm 14 and have been on the POP pill for a few weeks now, but a few days ago I forgot to take 2 pills in a row. Yesterday and today my boyfriend and I had sex without any additional methods of contraception... is there any chance I could be pregnant? I took my forgotten pills as soon as I remembered.

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The progesterone only pill (POP)is less effective at preventing pregnancy than the combined pill. You have to take it at the same time each day or within 3 hours, so missing 2 pills could mean that you ovulated and could get pregnant. If you miss a POP you should use condoms for 7 days after the missed pill. At 14 I would suggest that a safer form of contraception may be better for you like the implant. You can get this inserted or get more contraceptive advice from a contraceptive and sexual health clinicin your area.

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