9 weeks pregnant and he has told me to get rid of it.

By anonymous on 09/08/2011
I am currently 9 weeks pregnant.
I am 22 a single mum of two kids. I have a new partner who decides to wake up one morning and say "let's have a baby", so I said yes ok.
6 weeks down the line he wakes up one morning and says, "I'm not ready for a baby. Get rid of it please" even though I was 6 weeks gone and now time has passed and am now 9 weeks. I have never had an abortion in my life.

I don't believe in abortion and am absolutely scared.

Only the midwife knows I am pregnant, none of my family knows because if I tell them they will disown me. They see me doing well for myself, building my career, and will disown me and won't support me if I decide to keep the baby as they will see it as ruining my whole careeer.
I spend my life worrying about what other people think especially my family.
I'm so confused, I hate my new partner for what he is making me go through. I said to him I will never ever forgive him and it makes me never to want a baby with him ever again. He has destroyed me or is going to. What shall I do, keep it or get rid of it? Please HEEEEEEEEELP

Editor's Comment

I wish it was as simple as someone telling you what to do, but this is a decision that you have to make. First I would say that you should not base your decision on what other people think of you or say you should do. This is something that you will have to live with longterm so it must be right for you.
If you continue the pregnancy, it may mean putting your career on hold in the short term but it doesn't mean your life will be ruined. If you don't believe in abortion and that is a strong belief for you, then you would be betraying yourself if you decide to abort.
I wonder whether your boyfriend is frightened of the commitment and this has made him change his mind. Whatever his reason this is not something he can just take back because he's changed his mind, it is a life changing decision whatever option you choose. If you have spoken to an advisor at the Plymouth Centre and you still feel unsure I would encourage you to go back and talk it through again. Perhaps it would help to take your boyfriend along too.

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