Exploring options with a Care Confidential advisor

A week ago I discovered I was pregnant.

I wasn't that shocked when both home tests read positive. I had been feeling 'weird' for a few weeks. I had gone completely off sex, didn't want my partner to touch me especially my breasts as they had become very heavy and sensitive, I had strange feelings in my lower stomach, my pre-existing depression had increased, I was very tired all the time and was achy all over. I am a regular horse rider and noticed a change in my riding - I had become weak and struggled to mount with the same 'spring'.

Even though I wasn't initially shocked, it did provide a reason for my 'weird' feelings and it was even a sense of relief as I had begun to think that something more serious was going on. I am, however, in a bit of a spin.

I am not sure which decision to make for the best.

Although I am in a loving, stable relationship, the circumstances are far from ideal. We are 23, and my partner is still in part-time higher education and as such is under a lot of stress. I have just started a job that I adore and our living and financial conditions are far from ideal - we are in a new area and I am not even registered with a GP yet! I am also concerned about my mental health. I am really conscious that I am still very vulnerable and wonder what effect parenting or abortion would have on my mental health.

I contacted a Care Confidential advisor (four days after the positive result) using the helpline who encouraged me to tell my partner as I had been entertaining ideas of making a decision all by myself. I am so glad that I contacted Care Confidential, they were so supportive and made me feel positive about seeking advice. I also told my partner who is being supportive. We are planning to visit a drop-in centre to discuss our options as advised by Care Confidential.

Editor's Comment

I am pleased that you found the CareConfidential helpline advisor was supportive, and helped you to take another step forward. When you are in crisis you often feel numb and unable to make even small decsions. I hope that as you explore your options, you will have a clearer idea of how you feel and what effect abortion or parenting might have on you.

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