Who is the father?

By anonymous on 12/01/2012
Hi I'm really worried and don't know what to do....I had sex on the 16th November and took the morning after pill on the 17th Nov!! Then I had sex again on the 18th with a different man. I took a pregnancy test at 10 days, then 2 weeks, and then 3 weeks after. They were all negative!! I've since had sex with man number 2 again. I did a test 2 days ago and I'm pregnant......who is the dad??? Man number 1 or man number 2?
Any feedback would be great as I am really scared and considering abortion if it's the wrong man.

Editor's Comment

It's very difficult to say on what you have written. Pregnancy tests usually show up 2-3 weeks after unprotected sex, but occasionally it takes longer to register. The only definite way you will know is by getting a dating scan, which will tell you if you became pregnant in November, or later. I would advise you to go to your doctor and ask for an early dating scan.

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