Pregnant again after recurrant miscarriages.

By anonymous on 06/02/2012
I have just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have 3 daughters already but just recently I have had recurrent miscarriages which are being investigated. I don't know whether to wait for the results or end the pregnancy now to avoid another miscarriage. Don't like the sound of passing clots as ended up in hospital last time.

Editor's Comment

I'm sorry you have had a number of miscarriages, which can be emotionally distressing as well as physically exhausting. I think it would be good to take medical advice before you make a decision. Your consultant may be able to investigate the situation better if you are pregnant, and perhaps carry out regular scans to work out why you are miscarrying. If you would like some support around your miscarriages, please contact CareConfidential. find a centre for miscarriage support in your area.

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