A 4th baby at 37

By anonymous on 21/02/2012
Hi I am 37 with 3 lovely children 16,14 and 3. I am pregnant with my 4th and I'm very confused.
My youngest is a very difficult child and is going through the referal of autism.
I just don't think I will cope with a baby as well.
I suffer from panic attacks as it is, and am worried this will make them worse again. I have had two terminations in the past and feel guilty about another.

Editor's Comment

You have clearly got a lot going on with your 3rd child and that is making you anxious about your ability to cope. It would probably feel clearer once you know if you are going to be coping with a child on the autistic spectrum.
However at this point you are faced with the enormous decision about your 4th. If you are already feeling guilty at the prospect of another abortion, then you need to think through this decsision carefully. If you choose abortion will those feelings of guilt be worse than coping with a 4th baby? In 9 months time will things look different? Your 3rd child will be coming up for school age, and your teenage children will be increasingly independent. Looking at your situation ayear or even 2 years away may help to give you a new perspective on the panic you are feeling now.
If you would like to talk through this decision please contact us at CareConfidential. We have trained advisors who can help you to unravel some of your thoughts and feelings without creating any pressure, or judgement about your decision.find a centre for pregnancy choices support in your area.

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