Is it the right time to have a baby?

My partner and I want a baby (I am 25,he's 32 and we've been together 7 years)yet we are conflicted over when is the right time as he is the one ruled by his emotions and I am being the practical one.
Although we both want a child I feel the timing is wrong due to financial reasons, I am also thinking ahead to child care and all the other practical reasons as the child would age. I am not a materialistic person and when I talk of money I don't mean toys etc but I don't want to struggle affording food/clothing and other necessities.
I've spoken to friends of mine and they all say you just manage to get by. I am also scared of saying yes as once you have a baby there is obviously no going back, which I think is my biggest fear, losing my identity. I realise these issues may sound fickle but it was something my mother always made me very aware of.

Editor's Comment

I can understand you wanting to make sure you will be able to provide for your child, and it must be every mother's anxiety that you won't have enough for necessities.
However, there will never be a completely right time to start a family, and even if things seem right circumstances change all the time and you can't always control things. The key thing for you is the fears that you mention, and working out that you will still be you but with a new role that will be enriching and rewarding. Hopefully after 7 years you feel confident that your partner will be fully supportive and that you will enjoy this experience together.

This story was sent in on 13/03/2012

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