So here's the scoop. I'm sixteen, a Junior in high school, and I think I might be pregnant...

By anonymous on 27/06/2007
So here's the scoop. I'm sixteen, a Junior in high school, and I think I might be pregnant. I'm terrified to tell my father and my step-mother because, you guessed it, they both hate my boyfriend. We've been together almost a year and sincerely care about each other and are in love, but you can't feed a child that way. He say's it's my decision, but we're 422 miles away from each other at the moment. I keep laying my hand across my belly but all I can think about is abortion. To terminate the fetus. It's expensive here though to have an abortion. I'm scared, I really want somebody to talk to that's been through something like this.

Editor’s note: Thanks for telling us your story. I don’t know exactly where you are but if you are in the USA, I recommend you call Optionline on 800.395.HELP or go to for support. The first thing you need to do is have a pregnancy test done. Then, if you are pregnant, you need to think through the options with accurate information and time to really know what you feel about them. It’s quite understandable that you are scared but there are people who can support you and help you. You just need to have a little bit of courage to get in touch with those who know just how you are feeling right now.

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