I met my partner 8 months ago, and am currently 6 weeks pregnant.

By anonymous on 29/06/2007
I met my partner 8 months ago, and am currently 6 weeks pregnant. He has just told me he is going back to Northern Ireland, a day after we found out I was pregnant. He has said to me, ‘You need to get a termination. I don’t think you should have a baby at 21. I’m not going to be around. You need to bring up a kid in a loving relationship’.

He also said that he can’t have two kids by different women and not be with either of them......Am I the one in the wrong for not wanting to get a termination or is he wrong....?

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…I don’t think it’s a question of one being right and one being wrong. The important thing now is for you to know exactly what all your options are – parenting, abortion or adoption. You need time to weigh these up equally with accurate information about each option. Then you need time to explore your feelings about them, what your head says and what your heart says. It’s important that you make the decision that you feel you can live with.

When you’ve looked at everything, then you can decide what to do without fear, pressure or panic. Visit your nearest centre, with or without your boyfriend, and talk with someone who understands every aspect of the options and can help you think through your feelings. You can find your nearest centre by using this website or ringing the helpline.

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