I found out I was pregnant just over 2 weeks ago and I am mortified.

By anonymous on 14/02/2013
I am 7 weeks pregnant to my ex partner. We separated 2 months ago as I found out he had been having a relationship with another women for weeks behind my back (she was not the first). We decided to try again shortly after this but I found out at Christmas that he was still seeing her.
Low self esteem etc made me go back to him AGAIN even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do.

I found out I was pregnant just over 2 weeks ago and I am mortified.

I've slowly been realising what an idiot I've been and falling out of love with this man, but I am now stuck. I'm 29, have an excellent job, family and friends support but I do not want to be tied to this man and his drama for the rest of my life.
I had an excellent year planned with family and friends all of this will now have to be put on hold if I continue with this pregnancy. I had decided to leave him for good before this. He is aware of the pregnancy but not of my true feelings. He believes we are now going to live happily ever after and he can change, yet continuously walks all over me. I deserve and want better for me and any future child. I am torn between a termination and keeping this child. I do not want a baby especially with him but I also do not want a termination. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks x

Editor's Comment

It seems as though you feel strongly that you will regret a termination and I think this may be hard to live with if you do choose to go down that route. Your main reason for not wanting the baby is being tied to your ex partner. The only thing I can say about this is that you can put very clear boundaries in place so that he only has minimal contact in your life if he wants access to your child. It may not be what you wanted, but you need to weigh up which situation you can live with and feels more comfortable to you. If you would like to talk through your decision with someone independent and impartial please contact a practitioner through the helpline, or Online service. There may also be a pregnancy choices centre near you where you can have a face to face consultation.

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