16 and worried about a possible pregnancy

I have had a boyfriend for 4 months now and have been feeling a little off. I have been sleeping a lot and when I'm awake I still feel tired.
I had a sharp pain in my lower stomach for about a day but I just assummed it was bowel problems, it was a different feeling something I had never felt before.
So I took 3 tests and they all said no. My boyfriend and I were so happy. Since I've only been 16 for 2 and a half months and he's only a little older, but I really feel like I am so I plan on taking another test today to make sure.
I don't know how I would be though because I've been on the shot for about a month. I also don't know what I would do if I was because my sister who was 17 had a baby girl about 14 months ago. I don't know what they would do we have no money and I know I can't just kill it, or leave it with someone else... I hope I'm not so I don't have to put my family through the same problem they were in about a year ago.

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If you have any concerns or would like a pregnancy test done for you please contact CareConfidential.

This story was sent in on 16/04/2013

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