Two beautiful daughters age 25 months and 12 months, and I'm pregnant again

By anonymous on 21/11/2013
I have just turned 22 and I have 2 beautiful daughters aged 25 months and 12 months.
I recently split with their dad and now I have just found out I'm pregnant again.....around 5-6 weeks I think! I am on birth control pills but stupid me forgot 1 last month and I thought awww I'll be stupid of me!

I'm so scared I daren't tell my baby's dad, he will be fuming. I know he won't want it and my parents will be so angry and disappointed!.......but I can't have an abortion. Every single thing inside is telling me no!!!!
I lost my youngest daughter's twin in the early stages of their pregnancy and I have never really gotten over that so I could not purposely put myself through that again :( but how will I cope with 3 kids under 3 being a 22 year old single mum!
I love my daughters more than anything in this world and always wanted more children! Just not right now when things are so unstable :( I'm so confused and stuck!

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though your heart is longing to keep the pregnancy, but you are fearful about how you will cope by yourself. I think it would help to be brave and tell your parents so that you can find out if they will be there to support you. You are going to need a good support network in place and that will include an arrangement with your daughters and the baby's father to find out how often he is going to have the children.
If you chose abortion it sounds as though you would struggle to come to terms with this option, and it might be helpful to talk this through. for unplanned pregnancy support. or you can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999.

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