I need help as soon as possible

Hello, I need help as soon as possible. I come from a very strict family. I just got engaged and I'm 21 by fiance is 24. We are both virgins. We decided to try anal intercourse. But he only put the tip of the penis inside. And the shaft quickly rubbed onto my labia. He did not ejaculate near me at all. I am afraid precum might have done something. I am 3 days late on my period and I am never late, only a day early or one day late. What could be happening?? Please help me

Editor's Comment

I think it is very unlikely that you could be pregnant if the tip of your fiance's penis did not go near your vagina. Technically you can get pregnant from precum but it would have to be in the vagina or very close to the entrance. The only query in my mind is how sure you can be while having anal intercourse that sperm has not leaked out.
However I think it is more likely that you are worried about what has happened and this has delayed your period.
If you choose to continue having some form of intercourse it would be worth you getting some form of contraception, and your fiance would be advised to use a condom during anal sex to protect him from infection.

This story was sent in on 25/11/2013

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