I'm now 5 weeks pregnant, shocked and stunned.

By anonymous on 31/12/2013
I have 3 beautiful children 13, 8 and 6.
I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks 2 years ago and was depressed for 6 months after.
We were at the point of having a great future, financial problems resolving and feeling happy. We had come to terms with our loss and thought it may have been a blessing in disguise and accepted our lives as parents of 3.
I cannot take anything hormonally for contraception and had been very careful but somehow I'm now 5 weeks pregnant, shocked and stunned. *Part of me would love to keep this little one* but I don't know how we will cope. We live in a large 3 bedroom flat but 4 children would be a squeeze. I don't want us to run into financial concerns again.
My husband thinks we should consider an abortion as it's the sensible thing to do. I'm so confused though I don't want to end up that sad and depressed person again but know deep down what my husband says is right too.

Editor's Comment

This is a decision that needs some careful thought. It sounds as though your head is telling you that you should consider your finances, and personal stability, but your heart is longing to keep the pregnancy.
The sense of loss and sadness you experienced with your miscarriage is important to consider. Although that was a planned pregnancy, and this has been unplanned, the feelings can often be similar, and sometimes feelings of guilt and regret can compound emotions.
It may help you and your husband to talk this through with someone impartial so that you can work out together what is really important to you both. It is also possible that because this is unplanned and has been a shock it will take you a while to get over that so that you can think through the options fully. Help is available and you are welcome to contact CareConfidential. for unplanned pregnancy support.

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